Sitting at the Feet of a Master

"His" wisdom
  was enthroned with power
  as Fruits of The Spirit flowed

"His" love for God
  encamped the room
  as silence—fell upon all

  to know God's voice

  to be led

Trust that all God's blessings are true
  there is only one good way to live

Establish a prayer closet
  devoting some time for
  with the Heavenly Father

Receive... Peace, Love, and Joy

Accept "His" guidance in stressful
  trusting "His" power within yourself
  without guessing.

Be bold in the spirit of God's word
  spreading the good news of "His"grace
  that all who hear may be blessed
  and loved. Through "His" Power
  to all men

Let the Holy Ghost have you
  instead of you—having it

Praise "His" name
  God reigns in the heart
  of "His" people

  let "His" hands carry you
  Then, you will be sitting at the
  Master's Feet

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