Love Letters

He kisses me with promises of life, in each love letter He writes

The banner over me is love

Reproof is in His words as honey drips from His lips

How dear to me you are my beloved

And so…. pleasant

I am my beloved’s

His desire is for me

There are promises to me

Our hearts are as one

We walk hand in hand

Your eyes are like doves and your strength is stronger than death

Eternal life and pure love is in you

When I found Him, whom my soul loves

I held on to Him and would not let go

For each day, I depend on my beloved

His fragrance is as wild flowers and His

comfort, as none could find

My beloved is mine and I am His

You are altogether beautiful my darling

There is no blemish in you

My beloved has made promises to me

His fruit is as sweet in my mouth,

As His love on my lips

I am my beloved’s… My beloved is mine

He has promised to me,

He is coming

*Inspired by “Song of Solomon”

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