Learn About
the Language

I have developed this native sounding language to accompany “Monna’s Vision Quest” Children’s Book Series. Even as a child I have had a fascination and connection with Native American Spirit and grounded natural ideals. I have tried to express this culture and storytelling into my books. A vocabulary has developed over the years. Especially in the last 5 years with a new granddaughter who likes to talk and make up stories…..I have incorporated some of these childlike phrases and expressions into my stories. I believe the spoken words in this native sounding tongue, add some depth and almost becomes another character in the books.

If this language is close to another well developed native tribe language, it is only by accident. These stories and writings are fiction. I am not trying to recreate an existing language. My spirit language is designed to flow with the illustrations and the English script.

Please enjoy and let your children….speak loudly in “Monna’s Vision Quest” Spirit.

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